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F14x3@110kit install on a 1985 Buick Regal

pic1 Pic #1
Here is a beautiful 1985 Buick Regal, made up to look like a Grand National turbo car. It is powered by a small block Chevrolet topped off by an Edelbrock Performer manifold and a Quadra-Jet carburetor.
pic2 Pic #2
As per installation instructions provided with kit, place base plate on the carburetor, install air box on top of the base plate and insert air filter inside the air box.
pic3 Pic #3
In order to make the PCV fresh air vent emissions legal, we need to drill a " hole in the side of the air box to plumb the small PCV vent filter. To determine the correct location for the hole, line up vent tube with the air box and this will determine the hole placement. When this is done, mark the spot on the air box.
pic4 Pic #4
When drilling through fiberglass, it is best to apply some masking tape so we get a clean hole. Start with a small pilot hole and increase drill size to ". Test fit PCV vent filter.
pic5 Pic #5
If you have a taller than stock intake manifold, the vent tube will likely need to be extended. Pictured here is the tube already cut with the filter sitting to the left of it.
pic6 Pic #6
Using some " heater hose, extend the tube to the length required. This will vary with different installations.
pic7 Pic #7
To positively attach the PCV vent tube into the air box, use the U shaped clip normally used to secure filter into factory housing. Install PCV vent filter exactly as factory.
pic8 Pic #8
Although the HO kit is a design that emulates the High Output kit from the 1984-86 HO Camaro and Firebird, it fits just about any car with a core support. In this case, The General Motors G-Body is fit with the driver's side snorkel. Simply drill a pair of 1/16" holes so you may install the two screws to retrain snorkel into place.
pic9 Pic #9
On the passenger side, we had to modify the core support slightly. Using a dye grinder with a cut off wheel, we removed a small diamond shape protrusion that prevented a flush fit of the passenger side snorkel.
pic10 Pic #10 You can see the finished job. The protrusion has been removed leaving a nice straight section. We painted the newly cut surface to prevent corrosion.
pic11 Pic #11
After repeating the drilling of the snorkel on the passenger side as per the driver's side, you may finish assembling the air box by installing cover.
pic12 Pic #12
You may now install the two black intake tubes provided in the kit. These bridge the gap between the intake tips on the air box and the snorkels mounted on the core support.
pic13 Pic #13
Here is a shot of the kit fully installed, including the PCV vent tube on the passenger side. The install looks very clean and almost factory. It may look factory but flow numbers are: 250% better than a single snorkel and 80% better than the twin snorkel factory system. Yes, the RAM AIR BOX kicks butt! This generally yields a 5% net gain in performance. In this case, that means 23 horsepower
pic13 Pic #14
Here is the kit as delivered from Air Inlet Systems

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